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This template is used with the Power template to represent a given power in a statblock for a player character in Living Eberron. This template represents riders to powers such as secondary attacks, the actions summonable creatures can make, etc. To use this template, copy the text below into your character sheet under the Power Corollaries section and fill out the appropriate values; make new copies for additional corollaries. Fields with brackets ([]) are optional and can be left out or the line left blank. Details about these fields are detailed below:

|Header=Header, such as Secondary Attack, Standard Action, etc.
|Description=Description of the rider action (i.e., the target, range, and so on for secondary attacks or attacks of summoned creatures)}}

We prefer you write your character sheet powers in third person ("Forge shifts one square") instead of second person ("You shift one square").


For examples, see the Power template.

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