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In Clifftop, a few blocks from the famous Clifftop Adventurer's guild in Sharn, lies a popular spot called The Tower's Shard. The common street wisdom is that the Tower's Shard is a brewery and inn whose owner was a rich adventurer who died in the Last War and left the establishment to his servant, a warforged named Brews.

Brews, in little need of money, runs the establishment at the behest of his former master. The tavern has loose policies on weapons, wands, and other adventuring gear, which combined with a discount for adventurers who can tell a good tale, makes the Tower's Shard a popular stop for rising adventurers who are low on coin but high on spirit and eager to pursue conversation with other adventurers.

True to his name, Brews is a master brewer, and is widely known for his Grilled Red Herring, and a special mixed drink he calls the McGuffin. Brews quite enjoys listening to tales of adventure, and he is able to sit and listen to adventurers' old war stories for hours on end and remain fascinated, a quality which endears him to the more long-winded sort of adventurers particularly. In return, Brews only asks that each newcomer introduce themselves so that their tale can be remembered by all.

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The purpose of the tavern thread is to provide an in-character place for PCs between adventures to socalize with other characters. It is also where most DMs recruit for adventures.

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