The Sharn Inquisitive is the broadsheet of Sharn. While not as prestigious as the Korranberg Chronicle, The Inquisitive is the place to read what-is-what in the City of Towers. It includes gossip of the city, and tales of up-and-coming adventurers such as the sorts that play LEB.

The Inquistive thread is for in-game rumors, tales of other player's exploits, and such in the vein of L4W's The Screamer All members are encouraged to post stories about recent events, preferably in-character in the form of a colorful anecdote. Suggested articles include:

  • Summaries of recently concluded exciting encounters.
  • Recaps of completed adventures.
  • New competitions, arrivals, and adventure openings at the Hanged Man.
  • Significant in-game developments that could potentially impact the setting at large.

The Inquisitive will also keep the community informed about OOC news such as recently approved proposals of character options, changes to the charter, etc. If manageable, news items will try to be indexed in this post in an organized manner.

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