Sharn, the City of Towers. Built upon the ruins of that which came before, Sharn is the metropolitan center of the Five Nations

History Edit

Long before humans came to Khorvaire, the Dhakaani Empire had established a major city at a point above the Dagger River. In the high cliffs, Ja'Shaarat was carved deep into the earth; some areas have yet to be found. But as civil war and planar invasion tore apart the Empire, so to was Ja'Shaarat lain low.

Eventually, the human explorer Malleon the Reaver established a city here, enslaving the remaining goblin population. Named Shaarat, its towers slowly began to rise. It was eventually overthrown by what would eventually become Breland, renamed Sharn, and incorporated into that nation. During the War of the Mark, however, it was destroyed when the besieged aberrant mark generals Tarkanan and the Queen of Plagues unleashed their marks to stop the Dragonmarked Houses from persecuting them.

Sharn lay fallow for over 500 years before Galifar I reconstructed it after the founding of Galifar. It prospered, and would eventually become the largest city in Khorvaire.

Geography and Places of Interest Edit

Sharn sits upon high cliff overlooking the mouth of the Dagger River (called the Hilt). The cliffs are inhospitable, so all construction in Sharn is upwards. This unusually architecture—towers almost a mile in height—is enabled by the manifest zone to Syrania, the Azure Sky, that empowers flight and levitation.

Sharn is divided into districts that are part of different plateaus or built into the cliff: Central Plateau, Cliffside, Menthis Plateau, Northedge, Dura, and Tavick's Landing. Each of these is separated vertically into the Lower, Middle, and Upper Wards; affluence increases with height. A districts floating above Sharn—Skyway—and the subterranean Cogs complete the city's partition. Each district is subdivided into separate wards that each have a different character. For a listing of the different wards, see the Eberron Wiki.

Points of interest include:

Leadership and Law Edit

The city is lead by the Lord Mayor and is appointed by the City Council. The Council is made of representatives from most of the wards and controls most of the power in the city.

The City Watch deals with crime in the city, though the more affluent portions receive a larger portion of justice. Sharn has a very large underworld.

Organizations Edit

Persons of Interest Edit

Brews, Master Brewer Edit

Brews is the master brewer and owner of the Tower Shard, a popular adventurer's tavern in the Clifftop district of Sharn.

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