Aldus Thunderbanner, a dwarven artificer, sends a homunculus to Brews asking for help. The party follows the homunculus to try to help.

Link: SG1: An Old Friend

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He was accosted by some House Tarkanan thugs who were looking for something called the "Koldoran Piece", a partial scheme Aldus and his companions found in Xen'drik many years back. It had something to do with Aberrant Marks, but was stolen before it could be studied. After conflicts with corrupt guard members, marked thugs, and a kobold of disturbingly polite manners, the group managed to rescue Master Thunderbanner.


  • Aldus Thunderbanner, an old dwarven artificer and friend of Brews.
  • Vhir, a mysteriously frightening kolbold "negotiator".


  • Aldus' Workshop in Sharn.



  • The Koldoran Piece, a mysterious and missing artifact from Xen'drik

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  • Main Quest: Rescue Aldus

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