Tondrek, Artificer Savant

Never been to unimversity before, 'cept with Strange Eye Elf. She showed me lots of fun books, but the stuffy dwarf guy didn't like the way I tried to rearrange the pages. [1]

Summary Edit

XP 26322Male Half-orc Alchemist Artificer Self-forged 11
Medium natural humanoid
Initiative +9; Senses Passive Insight 17, Passive Perception 22 (26 vs traps); Low-light
HP 82, Bloodied 41, Surge Value 20, Surges 12; See Half-orc Resilience
AC 24; Fortitude 24, Reflex 23, Will 21
Saving Throws +2 saves vs ongoing damage
Speed 6, 8 when charging
BasicMeleeMagic Battlefist +3 (Standard; at-will)
+12 vs AC; 1d8+3
BasicRangedTargeting Superior Crossbow +2 (Standard; at-will)
Ranged 20/40; +13 vs AC; 1d10+4
Melee/RangedMagic Weapon (Standard; at-will) ✦ Arcane, Weapon
Melee, +18 vs AC, 1d8+8 damage (Magic Battlefist +3), or Ranged 20/40, +17 vs AC., 1d10+7 damage (Targeting Superior Crossbow +2); each ally adjacent to Tondrek gains a +1 power bonus to attack rolls and +5 bonus to damage rolls until the end of Tondrek's next turn.
MeleeStatic Shock (Standard; at-will) ✦ Arcane, Implement, Lightning
Melee 5; +13 vs Reflex; 1d8+7 lightning damage. The next attack the target makes before the end of Tondreks's turn takes a penalty of -5 to the damage roll.
Melee/RangedBurning Weapons (Standard; encounter) ✦ Arcane, Fire, Weapon
Melee +17 vs AC, 1d8+8 fire damage (Magic Battlefist +3), or Ranged 20/40, +16 vs AC, 1d10+7 fire damage (Targeting Superior Crossbow +2); until the end of Tondrek's next turn, Tondrek and all his allies within 2 squares of him do extra +5 fire damage with weapon or fire attacks.
Melee/RangedRepulsion Strike (Standard; encounter) ✦ Arcane, Force, Weapon
Melee +17 vs Reflex, 2d8+8 force damage (Magic Battlefist +3), or Ranged 20/40, +16 vs Reflex, 2d10+7 force damage (Targeting Superior Crossbow +2); the target takes a -5 penalty to melee attack rolls until the end of Tondrek's next turn.
Melee/RangedVampiric Weapons (Standard; encounter) ✦ Arcane, Healing, Necrotic, Weapon
Melee +17 vs AC, 1d8+8 necrotic damage (Magic Battlefist +3), or Ranged 20/40, +16 vs AC, 1d10+7 necrotic damage (Targeting Superior Crossbow +2); each ally within 5 squares of Tondrek who deals damage with a weapon attack before the end of his next turn regains 1d6+5 hit points once before the end of Tondrek's next turn.
MeleeBattlefist Smash (Standard; encounter) ✦ Arcane, Weapon
Melee +17 vs AC, 3d8+8 damage and Tondrek pushes the target 5 squares. The target grants combat advantage to Tondrek and his allies until the start of his next turn.
RangedPunishing Eye (Standard; daily) ✦ Arcane, Conjuration, Implement, Psychic
Range 5. Effect: Tondrek creates a punishing eye in a square within range; it lasts until the end of the encounter. Enemies within 3 squares of the eye do not benefit from concealment, and when an ally attacks an enemy within 3 squares of the eye and hits, that enemy takes 7 psychic damage. Tondrek can move the eye 3 squares as a move action.
RangedFlameheart Defender (Standard; daily) ✦ Arcane, Fire, Implement, Summoning
Range 5. Effect: Tondrek creates a Small flameheart defender in an unoccupied square within range. The flameheart defender has speed 6. Any enemy adjacent to the flameheart defender at the start of Tondrek's turn is marked by it. Tondrek can give it the following special commands:
Standard Action
Melee 1 or Ranged 5; targets one creature; +15 vs AC; 2d6+7 fire damage.
Opportunity Action
Melee 1; targets one creature; +15 vs AC; 2d6+7 fire damage.
No Action
When the flameheart defender drops to 0 hit points, it must make the following attack: Close burst 2; targets each creature in burst; +13 vs. Reflex; 1d8+4 fire damage.
MeleeRadiant Sigil (minor; daily) ✦ Arcane, Healing, Radiant
Range touch, one weapon or implement. Effect: Until the end of the encounter, any attack that uses the target deals radiant damage. Whenever any attack power using the target hits, the target's wielder regains 5 hit points. As a free action, the target's wielder can end the effect when they hit a creature; that creature is dazed (save ends). In addition, the wielder can spend a healing surge and regain +8 additional hit points.
CloseHealing Infusion: Curative Admixture (Minor; all healing infusions twice per encounter, once per round; encounter) ✦ Arcane, Healing
Close burst 5; Tondrek or one ally in burst. Effect: The target gains hit points equal to its healing surge value+9 and Tondrek expends an infusion created with his Healing Infusion class feature.
CloseHealing Infusion: Resistive Formula (Minor; all healing infusions twice per encounter, once per round; encounter) ✦ Arcane
Close burst 5; Tondrek or one ally in burst. Effect: Target gains +1 bonus to AC until the end of the encounter and Tonkdrek spends an infusion created with his Healing Infusion class feature. The target can end the bonus as a free action to gain temporary hit points equal to its healing surge value+10 and may designate another ally within 5 squares of them that gains the same number of temporary hit points.
RangedSwift Mender (Minor; encounter) ✦ Arcane
Ranged 5; targets Tondrek or one ally; the target makes a saving throw.
Furious Assault (Free when when Tondrek hits an enemy; encounter)
The attack does an extra 1[W] damage if it is a weapon attack or 1d8 extra damage if it isn't.
CloseRegeneration Infusion (Minor; daily) ✦ Arcane, Healing
Close burst 10; Tondrek or one ally in burst, target must be bloodied. The target gains 5 regeneration until the end of the encounter. As a minor action, the target may end the effect to spend a healing surge.
MeleeSigil of Luck (Minor; daily) ✦ Arcane
Range touched, one weapon or implement. Until the end of the encounter, any attack that uses the target gains a +1 power bonus to attack rolls and +5 to damage rolls. As a minor action, the target's wielder can end the effect in order to remove an effect on them that a save can end.
Magic Battlefist +3
Critical: +3d6
Targeting Superior Crossbow +2
Load: Minor. Critical: +2d6 and the target grants combat advantage until the end of Tondrek's next turn. Power (Daily): Free action when Tondrek hits with the weapon; until the end of his next turn, Tondrek and his allies may roll twice against the enemy, using either result.
Skald's Leather Armor +2
Property: Tondrek gains a +2 bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks. Power (Daily): Immediate interrupt when an enemy targets Tondrek with a melee attack; the triggering enemy instead targets a creature of Tondrek's choice adjacent to him.
Deep-Pocket Cloak +3
Property: The pockets of the cloak can hold up to 1,000 pounds in weight or 100 cubic feet in volume, but the cloak always weighs 1 lb Each item stored within one of the cloak's pockets can weigh no more than 10 pounds. Drawing an item from a deep-pocket cloak is a minor action. Power (At-Will): Free 1/r. Tondrek can draw an item from the cloak or store an item within it.
Doggie, Iron Defender (Ironwood Hound)
Power (Daily ✦ Conjuration): Standard action. Use the figurine to conjure Doggie (see below for statistics). As a free action, Tondrek may spend a healing surge to give the creature temporary hit points equal to his healing surge value.
Gadgeteer's Goggles (heroic tier)
Property: +4 item bonus on Perception & Thievery checks to detect & disarm traps. Power (Encounter): Minor Action. Tondrek makes a Thievery check to disarm a trap.
Alchemy Gloves (heroic tier)
Property: +2 item bonus to attacks with alchemical items (included below).
Clockwork Bombs (1 lvl 4, 2 lvl 9)
Power (Consumable ✦ Fire): Minor Action. Tondrek places the clockwork bomb in his space or in a square adjacent, and decides how many rounds pass before the bomb goes off (6 rounds maximum). Each round, at the start of his turn, Tondrek moves the clockwork bomb one square in a direction of his choosing and rolls a d6. On a roll of 6, the bomb detonates prematurely. If the clockwork bomb is hit by an attack (the bomb has the same defenses as Tondrek), it also explodes. When the bomb detonates, make an attack: Area burst 1 centered on the bomb’s space; targets each creature in burst; +11 vs. Reflex, 1d10 fire damage (lvl 4); +16 vs Reflex, 2d10 fire damage (lvl 9).
5 Woundpatches (heroic tier)
Power (Consumable ✦ Healing): Minor Action. Tondrek places the woundpatch on himself or an adjacent creature. Until the end of the encounter, the next time the target spends a healing surge, they gain 5 extra hit points.
2 Tension Wheels (heroic tier)
Power (Consumable): Minor Action. Tondrek places the tension wheel on his crossbow. The next attack he makes with the crossbow has its range extended by 2 and does 2 additional damage.
3 Potions of Healing (heroic tier)
Power (Consumable ✦ Healing): Minor Action. Imbiber drinks the potion and spends a healing surge; instead of gaining normal surge value, gains back 10hp.
1 Alchemist's Spark Ammunition
Power (Consumable ✦ Lightning): Standard Action. Make an attack with the crossbow using this ammunition's attack bonus but the crossbow's range. Area burst 1, each creature in burst, +15 vs Reflex, 2d6 lightning damage and a -1 penalty to attack rolls.
Arcane Empowerment
Tondrek begins the day with the ability to empower one item and gains another empowerment for each milestone. To empower an item, he must spend a short rest with the item. He can empower an item two ways. Augment Energy: A weapon or implement is augmented until Tondrek's next extended rest or it is expended. The wielder of the item may use a free action after make an attack roll to gain a +2 bonus to the roll. The same item can only be augmented once per day this way. Impart Energy: Tondrek recharges the daily power of an item. An item can only be recharged this way once per day.
Arcane Rejuvenation
Whenever one of Tondrek's allies uses an items daily power, that ally gains 10 temporary hit points.
Healing Infusion
At the end of an extended rest, Tondrek creates two healing infusions. These are expended using healing infusion powers. During a short rest, Tondrek or an ally can spend a healing surge to replenish one of the infusions expended.
Half-orc Resilience
The first time Tondrek is bloodied during and encounter, he gains 10 temporary hit points.
Tondrek gains a bonus alchemical recipe at 1st, 5th, and 10th level. During a short rest, he may make one alchemical item at no cost of his level or lower; he may only have one such an item prepared at a time. Tondrek gains a +2 bonus to attack with alchemical items he has created.
Fortifying Action
Tondrek gains 10 temporary hit points when he spends an action point.
Supporting Construction
Tondrek has a +2 bonus on saves vs ongoing damage.
Gadgeteer's Garb Bonus
When Tondrek or an ally within 5 squares spends a healing surge, then regain 3 extra hp. Included above where appropriate.
Alignment Unaligned; Languages Common, Goblin
Str 11 (+5)Dex 13 (+6)Wis 14 (+7)
Con 20 (+10)Int 20 (+10)Cha 9 (+4)
Skills Arcana +19*, Bluff +6, Diplomacy +6, Endurance +12, Heal +12*, History +15*, Intimidate +6, Perception +12* (+16 vs traps), Thievery +11* (+17 to disarm traps, +12 to open doors)
Feats Alchemist, Arcane Familiar, Crossbow Caster, Enhanced Resistive Formula, Mark of Making, Ritual Caster, Speed Loader, Thirst for Battle, Weapon Proficiency (Superior Crossbow)
Equipment Magic Battlefirst +3 and Targeting Superior Crossbow +2 with 40 bolts; 1 Alchemist's Spark Ammunition; Skald's Leather Armor +2, Deep-Pocket Cloak +3; Alchemy Gloves, Alchemy Case, Doggie (Ironwood Hound), 3 Clockwork Bombs (1 lvl 4, 2 lvl 9), 3 Potions of Healing, 3 Tensions Wheels, 5 Woundpatches, Clockwork Khyber Shard, Magic Sound Box; alchemy case, bedroll, identification papers (standard), spellshard, thieves' tools, waterskin; 4335.3 gp, 279 residuum
Rituals Brew Potion, Disenchant Magic Item, Enchant Magic Item, Knock, Make Whole, Transfer Enchantment
Alchemical Formula Alchemist's Acid, Alchemist's Fire, Alchemist's Spark, Clockwork Bomb, Jolt Flask, Rust Bomb, Tension Wheel, Woundpatch

Crafter Homunculus Familiar
AC 24, Fort 24, Ref 23, Will 21
Speed 5;
Constant Benefits
Tondrek gains a +2 to Arcana checks.
Tondrek gains a +2 to skill checks related to rituals of the creation category.
Active Benefits
Blood Feast: Enemies adjacent to Crafty take a -1 penalty to all defenses against alchemical items. Crafty is immune to Tondrek's alchemical items.

Doggie (Ironwood Hound)
Medium natural animate
Initiative +9; Senses Perception +8; low-light vision
HP 15+20, Bloodied 7,
AC 24; Fortitude 22, Reflex 19, Will 21
Speed 6
BasicMeleeBite (Standard; at-will)
+15 vs AC; 2d6+3 damage
MeleeDrive Back (Standard; at-will)
+13 vs Fortitude; 2d6+3 damage and the target is pushed 2 squares and Doggie can shift 2 squares. Doggie must end its shift adjacent to the target's new position.
Alignment Unaligned; Languages
Str 13 (+6)Dex 12 (+6)Wis 16 (+8)
Con 18 (+9)Int 2 (+1)Cha 8 (+4)

Mini-Stat Block Edit

[sblock=Tondrek][color=royalblue][b]Tondrek[/b][/color]—Male Half-orc Alchemist Artificer Self-Forged 11
Initiative: +9, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 22 (26 vs traps), Passive Insight: 17
AC: 24, Fort: 24, Reflex: 23, Will: 21 — Speed: 6, 8 when charging
HP: 82/82, Bloodied: 41, Surge: 20, Surges left: 11/12; Half-orc Resilience
Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind: Not Used, Milestones 0
Powers -
[color=#44AA44]Magic Weapon
Static Shock[/color]
[color=#AA2255]Burning Weapons
Repulsion Strike
Vampiric Weapons
Battlefist Smash[/color]
[color=#BBBBBB]Punishing Eye
Flameheart Defender
Radiant Sigil[/color]
[color=#AA2255]Healing Infusion x2
Swift Mender
Furious Assault[/color]
[color=#BBBBBB]Regeneration Infusion
Sigil of Luck[/color]
[color=#E9822A]Targeting Superior Crossbow +2 (daily)
Skald's Leather Armor +2 (daily)
[s]Doggie (daily)[/s]
Clockwork Bombs (1 lvl 4, 2 lvl 9)
Acidic Spark Ammunition
3 Tension Wheels
3 Potions of Healing
5 Woundpatches[/color]

Doggie—Construct 10
Initiative +7; Low-light, Passive Perception 17
AC: 24, Fort: 22, Reflex: 19, Will: 21 — Speed: 6
HP: 35/7; Bloodied 4

Crafty—Construct 11 (Inactive)
AC: 24, Fort: 22, Reflex: 19, Will: 21 — Speed: 6
HP: 1; Crafty is never damaged a missed attack.[/sblock]

Equipment Edit

Equipment Name Price Weight
Deep-Pocket Cloak +3 13000gp 1lb
Skald's Leather Armor +2 3400gp 16lbs
Magic Battlefist +3 9000gp 0lb
Targeting Superior Crossbow +2 3600gp 6lbs
40 bolts 4gp 4 lbs
Gadgeteer's Goggles 3400gp 0lbs
Alchemy Gloves 1800gp 0 lbs
Doggie (Ironwood Hound) 5000gp 0lbs
Clockwork Bomb (level 4) 40gp 0lbs
2 Clockwork Bombs (lvl 9) 640gp 0lbs
5 Woundpatches 40gp 0lbs
3 Potions of Healing 150 gp 0lbs
3 Tension Wheels 120gp 0lbs
1 Acidic Spark Ammunition (lvl 9) 320gp 0lbs
Mysterious Clockwork Khyber Gear[2][3] - -
Magic Music Box[4] (left at Tower's Shard) - -
Alchemy Case 40gp 20lbs
Identification Papers (standard) 2gp 0lbs
Spellshard 100gp -
Thieves' Tools 20gp 1lbs
Waterskin 1gp 4lbs

Coins: 4335.3gp, 279 residuum

Encumbrance: 43lbs Normal Load: 100lbs Heavy Load: 200lbs Maximum Drag Load: 500lbs

Character Information Edit

Appearance Edit

Tondrek appears hunched and unkempt—his black hair is greasy and unruly, his green eyes watery and distracted, and he does not look like he takes care of himself. His gear, however, is well taken care of—there is no damage or smudges anywhere. If asked, Tondrek will lovingly detail their creation. Over his armor, he wears some commoner's clothing that he's obviously slept in.

Tondrek's right arm is missing below the elbow; in its place is a complex construction of iron, steel, detritus, and ironwood that terminates in a massive mechanical gauntlet. The gauntlet is as flexible as his old hand was but stronger, and only occasionally leaks fluid.

Tondrek is always accompanied by friends of his own creation: Doggie, a finely wrought iron-and-ironwood canine protector, and Crafty, Tondrek's waxy humanoid homunculus. Though Doggie is usually at Tondrek's side, Crafty is often hiding in Tondrek's (magically) oversized cloak.

Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 5'11" Weight: 190 lbs.

Personality Edit

Alignment: Unaligned

Tondrek constantly mutters to himself, hunching back and forth, and can be found playing with some odd mechanical bit of something in his hands. If talked to directly, he will not look directly at the talker, but answer indirectly. Of most subjects, he is not too very helpful. But when it is something he knows about (buildings, magic, etc.), we will drone on without stop. He is generally oblivious to the outside world when not talked to directly, unless something catches his fancy. Obviously magical, mechanical, or alchemical things always catch his fancy.

Background Edit

Tondrek does not comprehend his background. He does not fully understand that his mother, Hordreth d'Tharask, a House Tharashk heir whom he never knew, somehow conceived him by a willful and brash House Cannith heir named Tannith Vown d'Cannith. All he knows is that some humans named Cannith and some orcs named Tharashk are after him, and will probably hurt him.

Tondrek grew up in the slums of High Walls in an orphanage for refugees from the Last War. He did not fit there, however. First, he wasn't human, he was half-orc. Second, he was obviously "damaged"—he muttered to himself and had a severe difficulty interacting with others. He did have a natural knack for mechanisms; he broke into the headmaster's office several time in his youth, and could be found rocking on the master's desk, muttering to himself.

One day, when Tondrek was in his teens, he was given to a stranger, a Marcher half-orc. The Marcher did not talk to Tondrek, not that Tondrek tried; he only interacted with him once—the Marcher searched for and found the strange green-blue mark that twisted beneath Tondrek's skin. Tondrek knew that he could do things with that mark; but not why.

For some time, Tondrek lived with the Marcher. The Marcher never spoke to him, though he had several arguments with visitors he never showed Tondrek. One regular visitor, a greybeard human named Maraan, did spend time with Tondrek. He seemed to see the knack the half-orc possessed, and while the Marcher spent months searching for something in the upper reaches of Sharn, the greybeard taught Tondrek the basics of artificing. Tondrek loved the lessons, especially the times he was able to play with the greybeard's homunculus.

Then, over a year ago, the Marcher took Tondrek on a journey to the highest towers of Sharn. He did not say why; all he did was dress the boy well. Tondrek was lead to some gathering—fancy dressed folks flitted about the warforged guarded palace. It was a party for a returned Cannith heir, long gone on an exploration of Xen'drik. It was supposed to be a celebration, until the Marcher thrust Tondrek at the man and accosted him.

"Tannith Vown d'Cannith! Here is the mistake you tried to forget! Here is what you wrought when you thought none would know! My sister Hordreth d'Tharashk died from your seed, and now all shall know your shame!" With that, the Marsher ripped off Tondrek's fancy shirt, exposing the aberrant dragonmark for all to see!

Needless to say, things went chaotic after that. Tondrek does not fully understand, but he knows that some humans with the name Cannith and some half-orcs with the name Tharashk now chase him. He fell in with low-life after low-life who used his skills and then run when Cannith or Tharask agents show up; but so far he has eluded the seekers.

More recently, Tondrek has found other misfits like him. He spent some time with a group of outcasts for a while and had some adventures before coming to the Tower's Shard. There, he left on an exciting adventure on a prototype airship, but was left stranded in Darguun. After working his way back to Sharn, he has now taken up semi-permanent residence in the Shard, helping Brews while waiting for adventure.

Hooks Edit

  • Parts of both House Tharashk (relative of his mother) and Cannith (relatives of his father) search for him. Their intent may not be pure.
  • One of the groups Tondrek fell in with for a time may seek him out for unknown reasons.
  • Tondrek has discovered two parts of a mysterious schema that seems tied to the Draconic Prophesy.

Kicker Edit

Tannith Vown d'Cannith is a powerful Mastermaker who would rather see the Tondrek problem "solved" then let it go. Tannith's occasional attempts to seek Tondrek spur the boy forward.

Recent Adventures Edit

Dirty Money: Tondrek, feeling sorry for a sad halfamaling, tried to find its dad. Somehow, this involved bad kobolds, undead, undead kobolds, and other weird stuff. They even killed a dragon! There was a bit about the draconic prophesy , and a weird schema blueprint , and he found a cool music-making chest and was given a Khyber shard that was gear-like . It was great!

Eye of the Tiger: Tondrek and his friends are hired to find a missing part of the schema he was given! He got to ride an airship, though he had to fix it lots, and got lost in a jungle where several of his friends disappeared. But eventually they found a ziggurat with a pretty demon lady that showed him what was under her—another schema! Tondrek took it back to the dwarf that hired them, upgraded Doggie, and cut off his arm! He made it better

Companions (according to Tondrek):

Math Edit

Attributes Edit

Str 0 10 0 1 11 0
Con 7 15 2 3 20 5
Dex 0 10 2 0 12 1
Int 12 17 0 3 20 5
Wis 3 13 0 1 14 2
Cha 0 8 0 1 9 -1
Totals 22   12

Attacks Edit

Basic Attacks
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Basic Melee


str 6Magic Battlefist +31LEB Expertise512AC
Basic Ranged


dex5Targeting Superior Crossbow +21LEB Expertise513AC

Defenses Edit

DefenseAttribAttrib TypeClassRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotal
Armor Class 1/5 dex/int 0 4 Skald's Leather Armor +2 5 24
Fortitude0/5str/con13Deep-Pocket Cloak +35 24
Reflex1/5dex/int 3Deep-Pocket Cloak +35 23
Will2/-1wis/cha1 3Deep-Pocket Cloak +35 21

Senses and Reactions Edit

Senses and Reactions
Sense/ReactionAttrib modClassClass FeatureRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelOther/TrainedTotal
Initiative 1 0 0 0 3 Thirst for Battle 0 0 5 0 9
Passive Insight 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 17
Passive Perception 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 5 22

Senses: low-light

Health Edit

--Base ClassConPer LevelRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameOtherTotalBloodedSurge
Hit Points 12 20 5 0 0 0 82 41 20

Surges per day: 12 (6 class, +5 Con, +1 feat)

Speed and Movement Edit

Speed: 6; 8 when charging

Racial Features Edit

Half-Orc (PH2)

  • +2 Con, +2 Dex
  • +2 Endurance, +2 Intimidate
  • Languages: Common, Goblin
  • Furious Assault racial power
  • Half-orc Resilience: First time bloodied, gain 10 temporary hit points
  • +2 to charging
  • Low-light vision
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 6

Class Features Edit

Artificer (EPG)

  • Arcane Empowerment: Augment attack of item or recharge daily power once per day per item.
  • Arcane Rejuvenation: Grant allies temporary hit points when they use daily item power.
  • Healing Infusions: Creating infusions to heal.
  • Ritual Casting: Ritual Casting for free; Brew Potion, Disenchant Magic Item, Enchant Magic Item, and Make Whole free. No materials for Disenchant Magic Item.

Self-Forced (EPG)

  • Battlefist: Tondrek gains a battle fist. So long as the hand is empty, he can attack with it.
  • Fortifying Action: Tondrek gains 10 temporary hit points when he spends an action point.
  • Supporting Construction: +2 to saves vs ongoing damage

Theme Features Edit

Alchemist (Dr399)

  • 1st: Can create 1 alchemical item during a short rest of level or lower; only one such item at a time.
  • 1st: Learn one alchemical recipe (Alchemist's Fire)
  • 5th: Learn one alchemical recipe (Rust Bomb)
  • 10th: Learn one alchemical recipe (Jolt Flask)
  • 10th: +2 to attacks with alchemical items

Feats Edit

List level taken and link to the source.

Background Trait Edit

Cannith Inventor (EPG): +2 Arcana.

Skills and Languages Edit

Languages: Common, Goblin

SkillTrainedAttribAttrib TypeRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelTotal
Arcana 5 5 int 4 Arcane Familiar, Background 5 19
Bluff-1cha2Skald's Leather Armor +256
Diplomacy-1cha2Skald's Leather Armor +256

Powers Edit

Power To-Hit
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Static Shock 5 Int 3 Crossbow Caster, Targeting Superior Crossbow +2, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 13 Reflex
Magic Weapon 5 Int 1 Magic Weapon 7 Magic Battlefist +3, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 18 AC
Magic Weapon 5 Int 1 Magic Weapon 6 Targeting Superior Crossbow +2, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 17 AC
Burning Weapons 5 Int 7 Magic Battlefist +3, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 17 AC
Burning Weapons 5 Int 6 Targeting Superior Crossbow +2, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 16 AC
Repulsion Strike 5 Int 7 Magic Battlefist +3, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 17 Reflex
Repulsion Strike 5 Int 6 Targeting Superior Crossbow +2, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 16 Reflex
Flameheart Defender, Standard/OAs 5 Int 2 Flameheart Defender 3 Crossbow Caster, Targeting Superior Crossbow +2, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 15 AC
Flameheart Defender, Burst 5 Int 3 Crossbow Caster, Target Superior Crossbow +2, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 13 Reflex
Vampiric Weapons 5 Int 7 Magic Battlefist +3, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 17 Reflex
Vampiric Weapons 5 Int 6 Targeting Superior Crossbow +2, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 16 Reflex
Battlefist Smash 5 Int 7 Magic Battlefist +3, LEB Expertise 0 0 5 17 Reflex

Tracking Edit

Money Edit

Staring Gold (5th level): 1420gp = 100+1/5(360+520+680+840)+840

+ 1420   gp starting gold
-  840   gp Onyx Dog
-   28.1 gp Mundane Equipment
-   40   gp Clockwork Bomb (lvl 4)
-  175   gp Transfer Enchantment Ritual Book
-  160   gp Clockwork Bomb Formula
-  120   gp Woundpatch Formula
    55.9 gp remaining
+  200   gp Gold from 10 RP spent (1000/5)
   255.9 gp
-   40   gp Clockwork Bomb (lvl 4)
-   60   gp 2 Woundpatches
-   70   gp Alchemist's Acid Forumula
-   60   gp 3 Alchemist's Acid
    25.9 gp
+  360   gp 6th level gold split Dirty Money
   385.9 gp 
+   15   gp Tip from Roswyn for Disenchant Ritual[5]
-   30   gp Superior Crossbow
-   25   gp Transfer Enchantment ritual components
+   14   gp Sell 2 repeating crossbows
-    2   gp 40 crossbow bolts (4 lbs)
+  520   gp 10 RPs from 7th level (Dirty Money)
+   12   gp Sell 3 alchemist acids
+  680   gp 8th level gold split (given Dirty Money)
-  175   gp Knock Ritual Book
-  150   gp 3 Potions of Healing
-  120   gp Alchemist's Spark Formula
-  120   gp Tension Wheel Formula
-  640   gp 2 Clockwork Bombs (lvl 9)
-  120   gp 3 Tension Wheels
-   90   gp 3 Woundpatches
-  160   gp 2 Acidic Spark Ammuntion
+  680   gp Gold from 8th level (part from The Eye of the Tiger)
+ 1000   gp Gold from 10 RP spent at 10th level
+ 5000   gp Gold from gold parcel at 10th level
+ 4000   gp Gold from difference in parcel value to actual value
 10844.9 gp 
- 5000   gp Ironwood Hound
+  420   gp Sell Onyx Dog
-   40   gp Alchemy Case
- 1800   gp Alchemy Gloves
-  100   gp Spellshard
+   10   gp Sell Ritual Book
+    0.4 gp Sell backpack and belt pouch
  4335.3 gp 

Residuum Edit

      0 r starting
+   136 r Disenchant Point Blank Crossbow +1 after Dirty Money
+   168 r Disenchant Battle Staff +1 after Dirty Money
-    25 r Transfer Enchantment ritual (Spiked Gauntlets to Battlefist)
    279 r remaining

Treasure Edit

XP Edit

Starting XP (5th level):

  • 5500 XP

XP From 10 RP

  • 2000 XP

XP From Dirty Money:

XP from The Eye of the Tiger:

  • 3902 XP
  • 1200 XP from 3 RP at 9th level
  • 5500 XP from 11 RP at 10th level

Total XP: 26322

RP Edit

  • 2010/05/30 9 RP from Dirty Money
  • 2010/05/30 Spent 9 RP + 1 DM RP. Gain 1 level, 520 gp, and 1 treasure parcel
  • 13 RP from The Eye of the Tiger
  • 2011/08/02 Spent 13 RP + 1 DM RP. Gain 2 levels, 1000 gp, and 1 treasure parcel

Total RP: 0

Wishlist Edit

To be determined

Notes on Import from LEB 3.5E Edit

Imported Tondrek:

  • Half-orc (kept)
  • Artificer 5 (kept)
  • Changed Aberrant Dragonmark (find secret doors) →Mark of Making. Fits Tondrek's theme and background, and would still make him hunted by some
  • Doggie (Iron Defender) → Doggie ("Onyx" Dog). Serves same purpose as the original (protects Tondrek)
  • Added crafter homunculus as familiar. Good fit with Tondrek.

Otherwise, the conversion keeps most of what Tondrek was.

Changes Edit

  • 2009/07/18: Created
  •  ??: Leveled up to 7th
  • 2010/01/06: Level to 8th after Dirty Money
  • 2010/08/02: XP and RP to get to Paragon

Judge Comments Edit

Level 6 Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Approved for Level 6 with 7500 XP by renau1g

Approval 2Edit

Approved for Level 6 with 7500 XP by EvolutionKB

Level 7 Edit

Took Gale-Force Infusion, retrained Icebound Sigil for Obedient Servant.

Approval 1 Edit

  • In the math section at the bottom powers the calculation is still showing the +1 crossbow, not the +2 one.

Minor though so approved.


Approval 2Edit

Looks good SG. Approved by EvolutionKB

Level 8 Edit

Retrained Staff Fighting for Weapon Prof (Superior Crossbow). Took Crossbow Caster Feat. Added +1 to Int & Con. Treasure and stuff from Dirty Money.

Approval 1 Edit

Approval from TwoHeadsBarking:

  • Summary: Skald's Armor gives an item bonus to those skills.
  • Attacks: Your MBA is one point lower than it should be. Problem's in the Item column.
  • Attacks: LEB's expertise bonus was recently changed to a Feat bonus.

Minor, so approved.

Approval 2Edit

Approval from renau1g

Level 9–11 Edit

Retrained three powers (Obedient Servant→Punishing Eye, Scouring Weapon→Burning Weapons, Gale Force Infusion→Vampiric Weapons), took Radiant Sigil (9th) and Sigil of Luck (10th) powers, added Speed Loader (10th) and Enhanced Resistive Formula (11th) feats, and chose Self-Forged paragon path and Alchemist theme. New racial bonuses for half-orcs were chosen (Dex, Str→Con).

Lots of item purchases and such.

Approval 1 Edit

Comments from TwoHeadsBarking:

  • Summary/Attacks: Your RBA should be a bit worse, since your dex mod is just +1.
  • Summary: Punishing Eye should only be increasing damage by 5.
  • Summary: You shouldn't include your Gadgeteer's Garb healing bonus in your powers, as the bonus is too conditional.
  • Summary: Case in point, Healing Infusion now has a range of 10.

Approval 2 Edit

Comments from renau1g:

  • Summary: minor typo - equipment section you note it's a Magic Battlefirst +3 (wow, I'm reaching aren't I?)
  • Still have THB's notes to clean up.

Status Edit

Status: Approved as 8th level character by renau1g and TwoHeadsBarking

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