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MetaVoidOrsik The Small
XP 13386Male Goliath Alchemist Wrathful Runepriest 8
Medium natural humanoid (Natural Humanoid)
Initiative +4; Senses Passive Insight 23, Passive Perception 16
HP 64, Bloodied 32, Surge Value 16+2, Surges 10
AC 22; Fortitude 21, Reflex 17, Will 21
Saving Throws NA
Speed 6(5)
BasicMeleeMBA (maul) (Standard; at-will) ✦ Martial, Weapon
+13 vs AC; 2d6+6
BasicRangedRBA (javelin) (Standard; at-will) ✦ Martial, Weapon
+11 vs AC; 1d6+5 OR +12 (maul) vs AC; 2d6 +5 with gloves
BasicMeleeWord of Binding (Standard; at-will) ✦ Divine, Runic, Weapon
+12 vs. AC Hit: 5 damage and the target is immobilized TENT or until Orsik is no longer adjacent
Before TENT next attack against the target from one of Orsik allies deals extra 2 damage
One ally adjacent to Orsik or the target gain +2 power bonus to AC TENT

MeleeWord of Diminishment (Standard; at-will) ✦ Martial, Weapon
+13 vs AC, 2d6+6 damage.
Target gains vulnerable 2 to all damage, vulnerable 5 to opportunity attacks TENT.
Target takes penalty to damage rolls equal to 3 TENT
CloseStone's Endurance (Minor; encounter)
Gain +5 resist all until end of next turn. Due to Kord's Resilience, effect extends to adjacent allies.
CloseRune of Mending (Minor; Encounter) ✦ Divine, Healing, Runic
Effect: Target can spend a healing surge and regains extra 1d6 hit points
Orsik and each ally in the burst gain +2 power bonus to damage rolls until TENT
Orsik and each ally in the burst gain +1 bonus to all defenses until TENT
Divine Rune of Thunder (Standard; encounter) ✦ Divine, Runic, Thunder, Weapon
+13 vs AC Hit: 2d6+6 thunder damage
Add +2 to damage roll and target grants combat advantage TENT
Push the target 2 squares and it is dazed TENT
Symbol of the Wrath Reversed (Standard; encounter) ✦ Divine, Healing, Runic, Weapon
+13 vs AC; Hit: 2d6+6 damage
Target's first attack during it's next turn provokes OA from Orsik or one ally of his choice
If the target makes any attack during it's next turn, Orsik and each ally within 3 squares of the target regains 3 hp
Rune of Endless Fire (Standard; daily) ✦ Divine, Fire, Radiant, Weapon
+13 vs AC; Hit: 4d6+6 radiant and fire damage and the target is blinded TENT; Miss: Half damage; Effect: Until the end of the encounter Orsik gains +2 to damage rolls, attacks deal fire and radiant damage instead of their normal type and the number of hit points and temporary hitpoints granted by Orsik's powers increases by 4
Endure Pain (Immediate Interrupt when Orsik is hit by an attack; daily)
Effect: Until TENT Orsik has 8 resistance to all damage
Cage of Light (Standard; daily) ✦ Divine, Radiant, Weapon, Zone
Range: Close blast 3; enemies only; +13 vs Will; Hit: 4d6+6 radiant damage; Miss: Half damage; Effect: The blast creates a zone that lasts TENT. Leaving the zone costs enemies 2 extra squares of movement. Any enemy that attacks an ally who is within the zone grants CA (save ends); Sustain Minor: The zone persists
Shield of Sacrifice (Minor; daily) ✦ Divine, Healing
Range: Close Burst 5; Target: Orsik or one ally; Effect: Target looses a healing surge. One or two allies within 5 of the target regain hit points as if they had each spend a surge. All three gain +5 power bonus to AC TENT Orsik
Word of Beffudlement (Standard; encounter) ✦ Divine, Runic, Weapon
+13 vs Will; Hit: 4d6+6 damage
Before TENT after first ally hits the target, the target makes MBA vs enemy of Orsik's choice as a free action.
Until TENT the target has -5 penalty to attacks against Orsik's allies whoe aren't adjacent to it.

Vengeful Maul +1
Critical: +1d6 damage; Power (Encounter): FreeAction. When an attack hits a bloodied ally within 10 squares Orsik can gain +2 power bonus to attack rolls and +1d10 on damage rolls with this weapon against the attacker TENT

Reinforcing Armor +1
Property: Whenever Orsik is damaged by melee attack he gains +1 item bonus to all defenses until START of his next turn

Amulet of Life (Encounter * Healing)
"Property: Free Action. Trigger: Orsik spends a healing surge; Effect: Orsik can spend an additional healing surge
Giantkind Gloves
"Power (Encounter): Free Action: on hit with melee attack add +2 power bonus to damage roll; Power (At Will) : Standard Action: throw any object of 30lbs or less; +12 vs AC; ranged 6/12; 2d6+5 damage (+1 to hit and damage with the maul)
Tatoo of Bloodied Chains
"Property: When Orsik is bloodied first time in the encounter, the enemy that bloodied him is immobilized (save ends)
Bracers of Escape
"Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt: Trigger: Orsik is target of a melee attack. Effect: Teleport two squares.
Battle Standard of Might
After the standard is planted (as standard action) it creates a zone in burst 5. Within the zone Orsik and his allies have +1 power bonus to damage until the end of the encounter or until the standard is removed. Anyone can remove the standard as standard action which provokes OAs.
Eyes of Charming
"Property: Gain +2 Bluff and Diplomacy checks. Power (Daily Standard - Charm): +11 vs Will: Hit: Target is dominated (save ends). The target is not aware that this power was used against it.
Kinetic Oil
Minor Action: Effect: When applied to a weapon, first time weapon hits it becomes charged TENT. While the weapon is charged, user can make free action attack against all hit +11 vs Fort: Hit: push the target 1 square and shift into the square vacated.
Sovereign Glue
Consumable: Standard action: Apply the glue to an object and attach it to another object within reach. The two objects must remain affixed until TENT. After that, the items are adhered and separating them requires DC 29 strenght check. Successful check deals 2d10 damage to each object.
Suppression Crystal
Consumable: Minor action: Until it triggers or until the end of the encounter user is protected by the crystal. As immediate interrupt that occurs automatically when te user is first time hit by thunder or lightning attack, user gains resist 5 lightning and thunder TENT. If this power is not used before the end of the encounter, the crystal is still consumed.
Clockwork bomb
Consumable (Fire): Minor action: Place the clockwork bomb in your space or in a square adjacent to you and decide how many rounds pass before the bomb goes off (6 rounds max). Each round, at the start of your turn, move the bomb 1 square in the direction of your choosing and roll 1d6. On 6 the bomb explodes prematurely. If the bomb is hit (same defenses as the user), it also explodes. When the bomb detonates, make an attack: Area burst 1 centered on the bomb: +7 vs Ref each creature in the burst; 1d10 fire damage
Wound Patch
Consumable (Healing): Minor action: Place the woundpatch on yourself or another living creature. Until the end of the encounter, the next time the creature spends a healing surge, it regains 5 extra hit points.
Herbal Poultice
Consumable (Healing): Standard action: Use before you or an ally takes a short rest. The target of the herbal poultice regains an additional 2 hitpoints when he or she spends a healing surge at the end of the short rest.
Clearwater solution
Consumable: Minor action: Apply clearwater solution to a volume of liquid filling a cube 1 square on a side. The solution removes any poison or disease present in the liquid after 1 minute. Clearwater solution cannot remove poison or disease from water already in a creature's system, and it has no adverse effect on creatures with the aquatic or water keyword. If it's applied to a volume of liquid larger then the amound specified above, the clearwater solution has no effect.
Alchemical Silver
Consumable (Healing): Standard action: Your weapon (or 30 arrows, 10 xbow bolts, 20 sling bullets or 5 shuriken) attacks as silvered weapon until the end of the encounter or for the next 5 minutes. Alchemical silver can be applied to nonmagical weapons and to magic weapons of 14th level or lower.

Alignment Good; Languages Common, Giant
Str 21 (+5)Dex 12 (+1)Wis 14 (+2)
Con 17 (+3)Int 10 (0)Cha 8 (-1)
Skills Athletics +16, Endurance +12, Insight +13, Religion +9
Feats Kord's resilience, Enduring Mountain, Focused Mind, Weapon Expertise (LEB bonus), Improved Defenses, Last Legion Officer
Equipment +1 Vengeful Maul, +1 Reinforcing Scale, +1 Amulet of Life, Giantkind Gloves, Augmenting Whetstone, Tatoo of Bloodied Chains, Bracers of Escape, Adventurer's Kit, Battle Standard of Might

Character Information Edit


Orsik the Small was born as a giant, Gonthrog called The Questioner in Lorekeeper tribe. Specifically, it is small tribe of giants hidden in remote fortress with hidden library who maintained their ancient knowledge. The fortress is subject to many attacks from neighboring tribes of giants as it offers secure shelter for non-combatants. Library staff, after initial confrontation many generations ago, managed to convince contemporary warchief that it is wise to have solid backup and healers on his side. Several groaning bodyguards of said chief picking themselves off the floor probably helped that initial dialogue. Help from Runepriests secured the rule of the clan and it keeps it's priests safe within the walls.

History being what it is, giants slowly but inexorably lost more and more of their lore. There are wards, ancient wards in the fortress keeping the library safe, but they are failing and with them last vestiges of giant civilization in Eberron. Staff is getting ever smaller and older and every generation there is a loss of expertise as one of the ancient giants with specific knowledge dies without passing it on.

Several influential members of The Library are pushing toward going out and making The Library public (if dangerous) place, others simply want to mingle more freely with others of their kind. But any such move would hasten inevitable.

This generation has seen only one new priest, a child learned in the ways of The Runes, knowlegable in Power of Names, but with questionable quality to doubt and re-examine everything and anything presented to him. He got the name The Questioner, or The Disbeliever, depending on who you ask. Young and brash, he brazenly challenged elders set in their ways to find new things instead of loosing old knowledge, to build upon it and draw more young warriors for limited training. Some of them would remain and strenghten failing staff of The Library.

In time, First Scribe decided something needs to be done to keep unrest from becoming full blown mutiny. First step was to allow priests to go out and live with the giant tribe as long as they return regularly to their duties. Second one was to send their newest member who caused so much dissatisfaction out in the world. Best case scenario, he will survive and return with power of knowledge, worst case, he'll never come back. Problem solved.

Drawing upon ancient rituals and waiting for just right alignement of The Ring of Syberis Gonthrog was turned at his 16th birthday into closest thing they could do to small races, a goliath. He took the name Orsik and ventured forth. For a time he lived as adopted member of nearby goliaths tribe earning for his size another nickname The Small. Seeing they have nothing new to offer he eventually returned to The Library with stories of small people great cities across big sea and with one city called Stormreach on the shores of Xendrik.

He persuaded First Scribe to grant him resources so he could book a passage in a ship going across the sea to Sharn, another great metropolis of small people. He refused going into teleport circle for safety reasons as they weren't active in generation, but also because slow travel will allow him to adjust to small people way of living and to find out more about the modern world. Still he memorized the runes, names and their positions in case he needed to return in a hurry.

Fully immersed in his goliath personality now and finding that even now he towers over most of even large goliaths and minotaurs, Orsik looks for strange happenings and ancient secrets of giants former glory. His first encounter with strange magics of dragonmarked and their rune-like marks only strenghtened his belief that ancient way of keeping knowledge isolated and the world away is doomed to failure.

Appearance Edit

Age: 16 Gender: Male Height: 8'0" Weight: 350 lbs.

Orsik is unscarred by harsh living of goliaths in Xendrik and constant combat with giants and monsters as he lived fairly protected life in the library. Weak for a giant his strength is considerable when compared to smaller races. He carries few items from The Library vault which carry distinctive markings written in giant runes. Markings on his skin have strange pattern, goliath like, but seemingly flowing together in almost dragonmark shape when seen complete. He is unremarkable otherwise, what few lines are seen when he's clothed and armored don't give a hint to his origin.

Orsik pacifist

Orsik the Small

Personality Edit

Alignment: Good Curious, overtly analitical and open (except as relates to his origin) to the point of foolishness

Hooks Edit

Anything related to ancient history.

Anything related to written rituals and/or lost libraries

Any and all strange symbols, dragonmarks, or The Prophecy of the Dragons

If there is any dragon killing that's pure bonus

Kicker Edit

Dissatisfaction of the elders with his constant questioning

Lust for knowlegde of NEW things as opposed to reading dusty tomes, long ago outdated by current events.

Wish List Edit

Anything really, but note that I already have armor, weapon and neck slot. Please ask before granting another item of the same type. Thank you

Preferences: to hit bonus; DR granting items; saving throw bonuses; status granting items (stun, daze, blind etc); healing or tmp hit point enhancers

items properties before daily powers;

immediate encounter powers above standard action ones

Ordered by type and level, no item above 8th


Equipment Edit

Equipment Name Price Weight
Reinforcing Scale +1 840gp 45lbs
Vengeful Maul +1 1000gp 12lbs
Amulet of Life +1 1000gp -
Standard Adventurer's Kit 15gp 33lbs
javelins x2 10gp 4lbs
Giant kind gloves 680gp -
Augmenting whetstone 75gp -
Tatoo of bloodied chains 0gp -
Bracers of Escape 0gp
Battle Standard of Might 0 gp -
Eyes of Charming 1800 gp -

Coins: 1335gp

Encumbrance: 84 lbs Normal Load: 200lbs Heavy Load: 400lbs Maximum Drag Load: 1000lbs

Math Edit

Attributes Edit

Str 12 17 2 2 21 5
Con 3 13 2 2 17 3
Dex 2 12 0 0 12 1
Int 0 10 0 0 10 0
Wis 5 14 0 0 14 2
Cha 0 8 0 0 8 -1
Totals 22   10

Attacks Edit

Basic Attacks
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Basic Melee


str +1LEB Expertise3Vengeful Maul +1413AC
Basic Ranged


dex+1LEB Expertise2Javelin5Str Mod (heavy thrown weapon)412AC

Defenses Edit

DefenseAttribAttrib TypeClassRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotal
Armor Class 1/0 dex/int 0 8 Reinforcing Scale +1 0 0 4 22
Fortitude5/3str/con001Improved Defenses1Amulet of Life +1004 21
Reflex1/0dex/int001 Improved Defenses1Amulet of Life +1004 17
Will2/-1wis/cha211 Improved Defenses1Amulet of Life +1004 21

Senses and Reactions Edit

Senses and Reactions
Sense/ReactionAttrib modClassClass FeatureRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelOther/TrainedTotal
Initiative 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 4
Passive Insight 2 0 0 0 2 Disbeliever Background 0 0 3 5 22
Passive Perception 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 15

Senses: None

Health Edit

--Base ClassConPer LevelRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameOtherTotalBloodedSurge
Hit Points 12 17 5 0 0 0 64 32 16

Surges per day: 10

Speed and Movement Edit

Speed: 6 (5 with armor)

Racial Features Edit


  • +2 Str, +2 Con
  • +2 Nature, +2 Athletics
  • Languages: Common, Giant
  • Stone's Endurance Power
  • Mountain's Tenacity (+1 Will)
  • Powerful Athlete (roll jump or climb twice)
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 6

Class Features Edit

  • Runemaster
    • Rune of Destruction - allies gain +1 to attack vs. enemies adjacent to Orsik
    • Rune of Protection - adjacent allies gain DR 2
  • Rune of Mending
    • Destruction - +2 power bonus to damage
    • Protection - +1 to all defenses TENT
  • Runic Artistry: Wrathful Hammer
    • gain proficienvy with military hammers and maces
    • Orsik gains +3 to damage rolls vs. enemy that hit him TENT

Theme Alchemist Edit

  • gain Alchemist feat and one 1st level formula (Clearwater formula)
  • this formula can be used without associated skill training
  • at the end of the short rest Orsik can prepare one alchemical item of his level or lower without cost. He can have only one such item prepared.
  • at 5th: gain formula of 5th level or lower (Alchemical Silver)
  • at 10th: gain +2 bonus to attacks with alchemical items, gain one formula of 10th level or lower

Feats Edit

  • 1st: Kord's resilience - grant Stone's Endurance DR to adjacent allies
  • 2nd: Enduring Mountain tribal feat(retrained Vicious Advantage) - +2 hp on surge
  • 4th: Focused Mind - +4 to saves vs daze and stun
  • 6th: Improved Defenses - +1 NADs
  • 8th: Last Legion Officer - when Orsik enables an ally to spend a surge, that ally can shift 1 or gain +2 AC & Ref TENT

Background Edit

Disbeliever: +2 Insight

Skills and Languages Edit

Languages: Common, Giant

SkillTrainedAttribAttrib TypeRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelTotal
Arcana 0 int 4 4
Bluff-1cha+2Eyes of Charming45
Diplomacy-1cha+2Eyes of Charming45

Powers Edit

Power To-Hit
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Word of Diminshment +5 Str +1 LEB bonus 3 Vengeful Maul +1 0 0 4 13 AC
Word of Binding +5 Str +1 LEB bonus 3 Vengeful Maul +1 0 0 4 13 AC
Divine Rune of Thunder +5 Str +1 LEB bonus 3 Vengeful Maul +1 0 0 4 13 AC
Rune of Endless Fire +5 Str +1 LEB bonus 3 Vengeful Maul +1 0 0 4 13 AC
Symbol of the Wrath Reversed +5 Str +1 LEB bonus 3 Vengeful Maul +1 0 0 4 13 AC
Cage of Light +5 Str +1 LEB bonus 3 Vengeful Maul +1 0 0 4 13 AC
Word of Beffudlement +5 Str +1 LEB bonus 3 Vengeful Maul +1 0 0 4 13 Will

Tracking Edit

Money Edit

+412 gp starting gold
-15 gp Adventurer's Kit
-10 gp Javelin x2
+ 387gp
- 680gp Giantkind gloves
- 75gp Augmenting Whetstone
+360 (1800/5) for 10RP at level 6
+2600 (7th level parcel n level)
1800gp (Eyes of Charming)
 375gp (Sovereign Glue Formula)
 500gp (Kinetic Oil Formula)
 120gp (Supression Crystal Formula)
 160gp (Clockwork bomb Formula)
 120gp (Woundpatch Formula)
  90gp (Herbal Poultice Formula)

Treasure Edit

XP Edit

Starting XP - 3750 XP
+1784 XP and 4RP
5534XP; 4 RP
+1452 XP and 6RP
6987 XP
spend 3RP for 200 to 7587
spend 7RP for 250 (gain parcel and money)
9337 XP and 0 RP
2309 XP and 3 RP
11646 XP and 3 RP
+1000 XP
+)+740 1 RP
+ 4RP 250XP
13386 and 8RP

Changes Edit

List changed here

  • 2010/05/12: Created
  • 2010/10/28: Updated for level 5
  • 2011/5/19: Updated for level 6
  • 2011/9/27: Updated for level 7

Judge Comments Edit

Level 4 Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Approval from renau1g:

  • RBA is incorrect - damage is too high

Approval 2Edit

Approval from TwoHeadsBarking:

  • Summary: The entries for your RBA and MBA are reversed.


Level 5 Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Comments from Antithetist:

  • You get +1 to all attacks at level 5 from LEB houserules (replacing the banned Expertise feats). All your attack bonuses are therefore currently low by 1, with the single exception of your Maul used as an RBA with Giantkind gloves, which should indeed be +10.
  • Cage of Light is vs Will, not AC, and the power Summary needs to mention that it is Close Burst 3 and targets all enemies in the Burst (sidenote: holy crap that power is awesome).

Approval 2 Edit

Approval from renau1g

Level 6 Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Comments from Neurotic: In the table with Basic Attacks you're missing LEB bonus to hit

Minor: so Approved for level 6

Approval 2 Edit

Level 7 Edit

Approval 1 Edit


Approval 2Edit

Approval from TwoHeadsBarking:

  • Summary: "Befuddlement" is misspelled.

Uh, yeah, looks good besides that. Approved.

Status Edit

Approved for level 7 by Luinnar and TwoHeadsBarking

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