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Erekose13Gogmorthak d'Tharashk
XP 9582Male Orc Adventurer Barbarian 6
Medium natural humanoid
Initiative +3; Senses Passive Insight 14, Passive Perception 19
HP 68, Bloodied 34, Surge Value 17, Surges 12
AC 18; Fortitude 21, Reflex 15, Will 15
Speed 6
BasicMeleeVicious Greataxe +2 (Standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon
+13 vs. AC; 1d12+7dmg.
BasicRangedJavelin (Standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon
+11 vs. AC; 1d6+5dmg.
MeleeDevastating Strike (Standard; at-will) ✦ Primal, Weapon
+13 vs. AC; 1d12+1d8+7dmg. Until start of my next turn, attackers gain +2 bonus to atk me unless I'm raging.
MeleeHowling Strike (Standard; at-will) ✦ Primal, Weapon
+13 vs. AC; 1d12+1d6+7dmg. Can use during charge. If raging move an extra 2 squares as part of the charge.
Wild Shape (Minor; at-will) ✦ Polymorph, Primal
Can change to beast form and vice versa. When changing to humanoid form shift 1.
MeleeWarriors Surge (Standard; encounter) ✦ Healing, Weapon
+13 vs AC, 1d12+7dmg. can spend a healing surge.
Swift Charge (Free; encounter) ✦ Primal
Trigger: atk reduces enemy to 0. Effect: You charge an enemy.
MeleeAvalanche Strike (Standard; encounter) ✦ Primal, Weapon
+13 vs. AC; 3d12+11. Until start of my next turn, attackers gain +4 to atk me.
MeleeHammer Fall (Standard; encounter) ✦ Primal, Weapon
+13 vs. Fort; 2d12+7 and knock target prone.
MeleeGrasping Claws (Standard; encounter) ✦ Beast Form, Implement, Primal
+5 vs. Ref; 1d8+1dmg and target is slowed until end of my next turn.
Combat Sprint (Move; encounter) ✦ Primal
Move speed +4. +4 bonus to defenses against opportunity attacks provoked by move.
MeleeRage Strike (Standard; Must be raging and have an unused rage power.; daily) ✦ Primal, Weapon
+13 vs. AC; Damage based on level of power expended (3d12+7 for L1; 4d12+7 for L5.) Miss: Half damage. Special: can use power twice per day.
MeleeRage Drakes Frenzy (Standard; daily) ✦ Primal, Rage, Weapon
+13 vs AC; 3d12+7dmg. +2 atk if target bloodied. Miss: Half damage. Effect: Until rage ends, once per round when you reduce an enemy to 0 hit points, you can make a melee basic attack as a free action.
MeleeFrost Wolf Rage (Standard; daily) ✦ Cold, Primal, Rage, Weapon
+13 vs AC; 3d12+7 cold dmg. Before atk, the target can make a basic melee atk against me as a free action. If it does, my atk does an extra 1d12 cold dmg. Miss: Half Damage. Effect: Until the rage ends, any enemy that hits me with a melee attack takes 7 cold damage.
Combat Surge (Free; daily) ✦ Primal
Trigger:Miss with an attack. Requirement:raging. Effect:Reroll attack.
Vicious Greataxe +2
Critical: +2d12. Properties: High Crit.
Deathcut Hide Armor +1
Properties: Resist 5 necrotic, resist 5 poison. Power (Daily, Necrotic): Immediate Reaction. Trigger: hit by melee atk. Deal 1d10-1 necrotic dmg.
Brooch of Shielding +1
Properties: Resist 10 force. Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: Hit by area, close, or ranged atk. Gain resist 10 to all damage dealt by atk.
Flame Bracers
Properties: melee crits deal +1d6 fire dmg. Power (Daily): Minor action. Your next successful atk before the end of your next round deals +1d6 fire dmg.
Potion of Vigor
Power (Consumable): Minor Action. Spend healing surge, gain 15 temp hit points.
Potion of Healing
Power (Consumable): Minor Action. Spend healing surge, regain 10 hit potins.
Belt of Raging Endurance
Property: You gain 1 healing surge. Power (Encounter): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: An enemy hits you and causes damage. Effect: You gain resist 15 against that attack, but you also take 10 damage at the end of your next turn.
Running Charge
+2 speed while charging.
Rageblood Vigor
Gain 9 temp hit points when drop enemy to 0hp.
crit hits grant free melee basic attack; once per round, barbarian atk power only.
Alignment Good; Languages Common, Goblin
Str 20 (+8)Dex 10 (+3)Wis 13 (+4)
Con 18 (+7)Int 10 (+3)Cha 8 (+2)
Skills Athletics +12, Endurance +11, Nature +11, Perception +9
Feats Initiate of the Old Faith, Mark of Finding, Improved Rageblood Vigor, Toughness.
Equipment Vicious greataxe +2, deathcut hide armor +1, flame bracers, brooch of shielding +1, potion of vigor, potion of healing, adventurer's kit, climer's kit, identification papers (standard), travel papers.

Character Information Edit

Background Edit

Gogmorthak was born and raised amongst his brethern tribes in the Deepwood, taught to follow the Gatekeeper paths. He stood out amongst his tribe for the bright purple birthmark that covered a large portion of his chest and left side. Even in the modern post war era many tribes (including his) did not understand the significance of the Mark of Finding. Naturally gifted but brutally violent, Gogmorthak fit in perfectly. Until the outsiders came.

Prospectors and explorers from House Tharashk entered into treaties with the chieftain of Gogmorthak's tribe for rights to seek Dragonshards from the fertile bogs and glades in the woods. Paying well the House representatives were invited into the tribe and were shocked to find a young orc bearing the mark.

Gogmorthak grew enamoured with the visitors and they took him under their wing. When the small number of easy Dragonshards had been harvested, the house representatives prepared to leave. They bargained with the chief and managed to secure the tutorship of the young marked orc. And so he went off into the bigger world.

Turning his passion and ferocity to the pursuit of the remnants of the Daelkyr, Gogmorthak has traveled the breadth of the Shadow Marches and Drooam. He now finds himself in Breland, a strange place still reeling from the effects of a great war. Refugees and veterans make it easy for the wandering barbarian to fit it but he doesn't really comprehend the truth behind their plight.

Appearance Edit

Gogmorthak is a tall, young orc with heavy orcish facial features but a skin tone more akin to the half-orcs of House Tharashk. His paler skin tone is more an effect of the Dragonmark on his chest than any deviation in his pure orcish blood. He carries himself with confidence and speaks well for an orc, benefiting from his mentorship amongst the House.

Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 6'3" Weight: 220 lbs.

Personality Edit

Alignment: Good

Not your average orc, Gogmorthak is a confident young man. He is full of passion and at times brutality. He tends to think in black and white terms finding faith in the good work he does rooting out Cultists and Daelkyr sympathizers.

Hooks Edit

  • Gogmorthak has no remaining ties to his tribe, though they still speak of the marked one.
  • House Tharashk does not officially recognize the marked orc, maintaining its strict human and half-orc roster.
  • Gogmorthak is a Gatekeeper through and through, earning him respect in the Shadow Marches and Drooam but not so much in Sharn.

Kicker Edit

Gogmorthak is seeking rumors of the Daelkyr, the Lord of Eyes, who is rumored to have faithful amongst the downtrodden in Sharn. He had no idea the sheer volume of people in Sharn.

Equipment Edit

Equipment Name Price Weight
Vicious Greataxe +2 2600gp 12lbs
Deathcut Hide Armor +1 1000gp 25lbs
Brooch of Shielding +1 680gp -
Flame Bracers 680gp -
Potion of Vigor 160gp -
Potion of Healing 50gp -
Belt of Raging Endurance 4200gp -
Javelin 5gp 2lbs
Adventurer's Kit 15gp 33lbs
Climbers's Kit 2gp 11lbs
Identification Papers, Standard 2gp -
Travel Papers 2sp -

Coins: 2185gp 8sp

Encumbrance: 83lbs Normal Load: 200lbs Heavy Load: 400lbs Maximum Drag Load: 1000lbs

Math Edit

Attributes Edit

Str 12 17 2 1 20 5
Con 7 15 2 1 18 4
Dex 0 10 0 0 10 0
Int 0 10 0 0 10 0
Wis 3 13 0 0 13 1
Cha 0 8 0 0 8 -1
Totals 22   9

Attacks Edit

Basic Attacks
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Basic Melee


str 4Vicious Greataxe +21LEB Expertise313AC
Basic Ranged


str2Javelin1LEB Expertise36AC

Note: StrRAtk doesnt calculate ranged attack bonus correctly.

Defenses Edit

DefenseAttribAttrib TypeClassRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotal
Armor Class 0/0 dex/int 1 4 Deathcut Hide Armor +1 3 18
Fortitude5/4str/con21Brooch of Shielding +13 21
Reflex0/0dex/int1 1Brooch of Shielding +13 15
Will1/-1wis/cha 1Brooch of Shielding +13 15

Senses and Reactions Edit

Senses and Reactions
Sense/ReactionAttrib modClassClass FeatureRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelOther/TrainedTotal
Initiative 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3
Passive Insight 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 14
Passive Perception 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 5 19

Senses: Low-light Vision

Health Edit

--Base ClassConPer LevelRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameOtherTotalBloodedSurge
Hit Points 15 18 6 0 5 Toughness 0 68 34 17

Surges per day: 12 (8 class, +4 Con)

Speed and Movement Edit

Speed: 6 +2 when charging

Racial Features Edit

Orc (MM)

  • +2 Str, +2 Con
  • Languages: Common, Giant
  • Running Charge
  • Warrior’s Surge encounter power
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 6
  • Vision: Low-light

Class Features Edit

Barbarian (PHB2)

  • Barbarian Agility: When not wearing heavy armor, +1AC, +1Ref.
  • Feral Might (Rageblood Vigor): swift charge power. And whenever my attack reduces an enemy to 0 hit points, I gain 9 temporary hit points

Feats Edit

Background Edit

Tharashk Gatekeeper (EPH): +2 Nature.

Skills and Languages Edit

Languages: Common, Goblin

SkillTrainedAttribAttrib TypeRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelTotal
Acrobatics0dex-1Hide Armor32
Arcana 0 int 3 3
Athletics55str-1Hide Armor312
Endurance54con-1Hide Armor311
Stealth0dex-1Hide Armor32
Thievery0dex-1Hide Armor32

Powers Edit

Power To-Hit
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
All Melee Powers (Exceptions Below) +5 Str 1 LEB Expertise 4 Vicious Greataxe +2 0 0 3 13 AC
Hammer Fall +5 Str 1 LEB Expertise 4 Vicious Greataxe +2 0 0 3 13 Fort
Grasping Claws +1 Wis 1 LEB Expertise 0 0 3 5 Ref

Tracking Edit

Money Edit

+100 gp starting gold [Level 1]
+ 72 gp 1/5 Level 1 gold [Level 1]
+104 gp 1/5 Level 2 gold [Level 2]
+136 gp 1/5 Level 3 gold [Level 3]
+168 gp 1/5 Level 4 gold [Level 4]
+360 gp Level 1 gold parcel [Level 1]
-680 gp Flame Bracers
-160 gp Potion of Vigor
-50 gp Potion of Healing
-5 gp Javelin
-15 gp Adventurer's Kit
-2 gp Climbers's Kit
-2 gp Identification Papers, Standard
-2 sp Travel Papers
+2160gp Level 6 gold parcel [Level 6]
2185.8 gp remaining

Treasure Edit

Remaining Parcels: n+1; n+2; n+3; n+4 Item Parcels for level 7-10

XP Edit

  • Starting Level 4 = 3750XP
  • DM Points Spent (10@4th) = 1750XP
  • Stormcrow Tor = +1472
  • RP Points Gained (3)
  • RP Points Spent (3@5th)=600
  • Stormcrow Tor = +1010
  • RP Points Gained (5 )
  • RP Points Spent (5@5th)=1000

Total XP: 9582

Changes Edit

List changed here

  • 2009/08/09: Created
  • 2009/12/10: added LEB expertise (+1 to all attacks @ 5th level) and changed Giant to Goblin as per house rules.
  • 2009/12/10: added 2072XP. Level 6. Added Toughness feat, added Combat Surge power, updated numbers.
  • 2010/06/12: added 2010XP. Added treasure gained from end of Stormcrow Tor.

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Level 5 Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Approval from renau1g for level 5 with 5500 XP:

  • Please break down the gold used in the money section, currently says tossed down a well, but it appears you've bought a few items.
  • I might move combat sprint above the daily powers so the encounter resources are all together
  • Under class features, I'd remove the wording "equal to your Constitution modifier" and just leave it as 4+5 =9

Reply: changes complete, thanks!

Approval 2Edit

Approval from TwoHeadsBarking:

  • Summary: You're missing your MBA and RBA.
  • Summary: Technically, the power's name is Rage Drake's Frenzy.
  • Summary: Your language section is missing Giant.
  • Attacks: There's a way to make your RBA key off your strength. Check out other character sheets to see how it's done.

These are minor issues that aren't likely to effect anything, so approved.

Level 5 Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Approval from renau1g

  • Math - you've noted that the coding for StrRAtk doesn't work, but you can work around (add it to class bounus, put a note in about Str bonus)
  • Comments - a couple questions/comments. 1. for your lvl 3 encounter power you have Hammerfall, there's a power in Primal Power (Brutal Slam) that also pushes and causes damage to enemies target ends up adjacent to... Also, you choose toughness at level 6, there's also a feat called Hide Armor expertise that lets you use your Con mod in place of your Dex mod to determine AC. It'd bump you up to 22 AC. Just a couple things to consider.

Approval 2Edit

Approval from EvolutionKB:

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