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XP 8,750Male Warforged Adventurer Warlord 6
Medium natural humanoid (living construct)
Initiative +3; Senses Passive Insight 12, Passive Perception 12
HP 52, Bloodied 26, Surge Value 13, Surges 9
AC 25; Fortitude 19, Reflex 17, Will 19
Saving Throws +2 vs ongoing damage, take 10 or roll on death saves; Resist 2 vs. Ranged and Area attacks
Speed 6
BasicMeleeVengeful Longsword +1 (Standard; at-will) ✦ Martial, Weapon
+12 vs AC; 1d8+5 damage
BasicRangedDistance Handaxe +1 (Standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon, Heavy Thrown
Range: 10/20
Attack: +11 vs AC
Hit: 1d6+5 damage
MeleeFurious Smash (Standard; at-will) ✦ Martial, Weapon
+12 vs FORT; 4 damage, then choose one ally adjacent to either you or the target. This ally applies a +3 bonus to the attack roll and the damage roll on his or her next attack against the target. If the ally does not attack the target by the end of his or her next turn, the bonus is lost.
MeleeBrash Assault (Standard; at-will) ✦ Martial, Weapon
+12 vs AC, 1d8+5 damage. Effect: The target can make a melee basic attack against you as a free action and has combat advantage for the attack. If the target makes this attack, an ally of your choice within 5 squares of the target can make a basic attack against the target as a free action and has combat advantage for the attack.
MeleeWarlord's Strike (Standard; encounter) ✦ Martial, Weapon
+12 vs AC, 2d8+5 damage, Until the end of your next turn, all of your allies gain a +4 bonus to damage rolls against the target.
MeleeMyrmidon Formation (Standard; encounter) ✦ Martial, Weapon
+12 vs AC, 2d8+5 damage, At the start of your next turn, each ally adjacent to you gains 5 temporary hit points.
CloseInspiring Word (Minor; encounter) ✦ Martial, Healing
Range: Close Burst 5
Crush can use this power twice per encounter, but only once per round. Targets self or one ally in burst. The target can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 2d6+3 hit points.
CloseInspired Belligerence (Minor; encounter) ✦ Martial
Range: Close Burst 5
Target: One enemy in burst granting combat advantage to you or an ally
Until the start of your next turn, all your allies gain combat advantage and add +3 to damage rolls against the target.
Warforged Resolve (Minor; encounter) ✦ Healing
Crush gains 6 temporary hit points and can make a saving throw against one effect a save can end that deals ongoing damage. If Crush is bloodied, he also regains 6 hit points.
CloseBattlefront Shift (No Action; encounter) ✦ Martial
Range: Close Burst 3
Target: You or one ally in burst; Trigger: You roll initiative; Effect: The target shifts half of his or her speed.
CloseRousing Words (Minor Action; encounter) ✦ Martial, Healing
Target: You or one ally in burst; Range: Close Burst 5; The target can spend two healing surges and regain an additional 8 hit points.
MeleeFearless Rescue (Immediate Reaction; daily) ✦ Healing, Martial, Weapon
+13 vs AC, 2d8+5 damage, Triggered when an enemy within 5 squares of you reduces an ally to 0 hit points or fewer. Before the attack, you can move to the nearest square from which you can attack the target. The ally can spend a healing surge and regains an additional 1d6 hit points for every opportunity attack you provoke while moving to the target.
MeleeStand the Fallen (Standard Action; daily) ✦ Healing, Martial, Weapon
+12 vs AC, 3d8+5 damage. Effect: Each ally within 10 squares can spend a healing surge and regain 3 additional hit points.
Summoned Drakescale Armor +2
Power (At-Will): You banish this armor to a secure extradimensional location. At any point in the future, unless you are wearing armor, you can use another minor action to recall the armor. The armor appears on you as though you had donned it normally.
Vengeful Longsword +1
Critical: +1d6 damage Power (Encounter): Free Action. Use this power when an attack hits a bloodied ally within 10 squares of you. Gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls and +1d10 on damage rolls with this weapon against the attacker until the end of your next turn.
Heavy Shield of Deflection
'Property: You gain resist 2 to all damage from ranged attacks and area attacks.
Distance Handaxe +1
Property: Increased normal range of 5 squares and long range of 10.
Amulet of Protection +1
Property: +1 enhancement bonus to Fort, Ref, and Will
Adamant's Unshakeable Stance (Boon Equivalent to Spiked Soles)
Property: You gain a +5 bonus to Athletics checks for climbing. Power (Encounter): Immediate Reaction. Trigger: You are hit by an effect that pushes, pulls, or slides you. Effect: You ignore the triggering forced movement. You are slowed until the start of your next turn.
Amulet of Protection +1
Property: +1 enhancement bonus to Fort, Ref, and Will
Inspiring Presence
When an ally who can see Crush spends an action point to take an extra action, that ally also regains 8 lost hit points
Battlefront Leader
Gain proficiency with heavy shields and use the Battlefront Shift power.
Warforged Resilience
Crush has a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against ongoing damage. Also, when making a death saving throw, hecan take the better result of your die roll or 10.
Unsleeping Watcher
Crush does not sleep and instead enters a state of inactivity for 4 hours to gain the benefits of an extended rest. While in this state, Crush is fully aware of his surroundings and notices approaching enemies and other events as normal.
Living Construct
Crush is a living construct. He does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. He never make Endurance checks to resist the effect of starvation, thirst, or suffocation. All other conditions and effects affect him normally.
Alignment Good; Languages Common
Str 19 (+4)Dex 10 (+0)Wis 8 (+0)
Con 15 (+2)Int 13 (+1)Cha 16 (+2)
Skills Athletics 10, Diplomacy 11, Endurance 10, Intimidate 15
Feats Improved Inspiration, Inspired recovery, Armor Proficiency: Scale, Level 5 to-hit bonus, Improved Inspiring Word
Equipment Summoned Drakescale Armor +2; Heavy Shield of Deflection; Vengeful Longsword +1; Distance Handaxe +1; Amulet of Protection +1; Belt Pouch; 2 sunrods

Character Information Edit

Background Edit

“I remember little of my creation. My first real memory is being sold to the Cyran military by the House Cannith artificers who forged me. I spent the first twenty five years of my life as a soldier in the waning days of the last war.”

“The Cyran generals quickly recognized my tactical ability, as well as something else: the ability to strike fear into the hearts of men, beasts, and living machines. They said I had ‘leadership potential,’ promoted me to the lieutenancy of a Special Forces warforged strike squad. I got what I wanted out of my fellow constructs, whether it took the threat of double guard duty, or the promise of an acid bath and dismantlement, I said and did whatever was necessary to exact obedience and win battles.”

“Initially my squad directed our attacks at Valenar. Can’t say I much regret killing elves, even to this day. Wild, bestial things they are. Intractable, unruly, and violent. My squad staged many a successful cross-border raid, seriously damaging their precious cavalry stables, and taking the heads of many elf warriors.”

“As the plight of Cyre grew more desperate though, we were relocated to the Thranish border in the final years of the war. There we led raids aimed at the harassment and destruction of men. Can’t say that I’m particularly proud of the things we accomplished there, but I did my duty. It was, after all, the purpose for which I was built.”

“Then came the deadly mists of the Mourning. I remember clearly the day it happened. My squad was fighting a provincial Thranish militia that had launched a retaliatory attack across the Cyran border, when we saw the cascade of terrible vapors approaching. Both sides began to flee as we realized our imminent danger. Just when we thought ourselves out of harm’s way however, a horrible aberrant beast emerged from the ground. A savage thing it was, with waving tentacles and a gaping maw full of fangs. Perhaps it too was driven out by the mists, or perhaps it was drawn to the suffering inflicted by the Mourning. But whatever its reason for being there, it took the opportunity to feed on human flesh and wreak destruction on my squad.”

“Though both forces put aside their differences to battle the new common enemy, the beast tore through our ranks with ease, quickly decimating the Thranish forces. My warforged were able to hold out longer, but we were clearly outmatched as well. The beast’s tentacles were everywhere, and it was difficult to keep track of the creature’s movements, as though time and space were distorted by the foul thing’s mere presence. While frantically trying to inflict some damage to the creature’s midsection I was dealt a grievous blow that nearly severed my legs from my body. Unable to move, and fading in and out of consciousness, I could only watch as my comrades were felled one by one. The last thing I remembered was seeing the beast lunge forward to swallow Sergeant Khopesh whole.”

“I woke several weeks later lying next to a smithy’s forge. I had apparently been rescued by Saali, a Thranish priestess of the Silver Flame. She told me the tale of how the creature that had very nearly ended my life, the balhannoth, had also devastated several nearby Thranish villages. She had been charged with helping to rescue survivors, bringing them back to her chapel’s infirmary. Unable to tend to me in the infirmary though, she had instead brought me to the local blacksmith, who, with the help of a talented artificer gradually refurbished my legs one joint at a time. The entire process took several months, and Saali visited frequently to watch over my recovery. Though she could not provide material succor in the form of food, she would often help me oil my bearings and exercise my damaged joints. Sometimes she would simply sit and read to me from the Annalects of the Flame.”

“I can’t say that I was much impressed with Saali’s religious ministrations. I’ve never seen much evidence of gods or so-called ‘divine forces’ doing good in this world. I must admit though that I deeply appreciated the company. More than that, I was fascinated by Saali’s patience and resolution, her dedication to her beliefs, and her honest desire to make this world a better place. See, I never before put much stock in the emotions my human creators imbued me with. My stock in trade was fear. Fear wins battles, I thought. If I could make my enemies and my underlings fear me, and I had a decent head for tactics, I’d be unstoppable in the field. But the Mourning proved me wrong. If I’d been more aware of my troops, and better able to drive them to true heroism, maybe more of them would have survived that horrible encounter with the balhannoth.”

“It’s inspiration and compassion we need from our leaders to win the coming battles that are worth winning. I pledge here and now to be one of those leaders. With the right friends by my side, I’ll do my part to ensure that there never is another Mourning.”

Hooks Edit

  • Crush would love to find and destroy the balhannoth that decimated his warforged strike squad.
  • Crush owes Saali a huge debt of gratitude and honor. If he found out that anything had happened to her, he would immediately drop what he was doing and return to Thrane to investigate.
  • Endeavoring to become a better leader of men, Crush has devoted himself to the study of the motivations and rhetorical abilities of great human and humanoid leaders. He wouldn't pass up an opportunity to attend virtually any courtly function.
  • Though he now tries to follow a more virtuous path, Crush has not yet overcome his prejudice against elves. He is likely to be needlessly antagonistic to Elven and Half-Elven adventurers, perhaps provoking the same sort of hostility in them.

Kicker Edit

Crush is tired of being a weapon, a mere pawn in the games of Machiavellian rulers. As such, he refused to subjugate himself even to Thrane's theocratically-governed military, though they claim to seek the destruction of evil. He is seeking instead to use his tactical gifts, leadership, and combat abilities to do some good in the world, and restore peace to troubled lands. To this end he has traveled to the Brellish city of Sharn in search of similarly free-spirited, and nonconformist adventurers with whom to strike a blow for peace, while hopefully earning a living in the process.

Appearance Edit

Crush's eyes glow with a deep blue light that flares to white when he experiences deep emotion. Unlike many warforged, he eschews the addition of weapons and tools in place of the body parts he was forged with, believing that he is better able to motivate, connect and reason with organic humanoids if he maintains an appearance that they find less outlandish.

Personality Edit

Alignment: Good
Crush has a more upbeat take on life since getting his knee fixed and winning the Race of the Five Horns and being honored by the city of Sharn. He's more confident about his ability to negotiate the complexities of civilian life and more hopeful that he can strike a true blow for peace and justice. He's still deeply suspicious of politicians and elves though, and in desperate times he's likely to fall back on his ruthless military demeanor.

Adventures Edit

  1. The Race of the Five Horns

Traveling Companions Edit

Wish List Edit

  • Luckblade Longsword +2
  • Distance Hand Axe +2
  • Healer's Brooch +2
  • Battle Standard of the Hungry Blade

Equipment Edit

Equipment Name Value Weight Slot
Summoned Drakescale Armor +2 1,800gp 45lbs Body
Vengeful Longsword +1 1,000gp 4lbs Main Hand
Heavy Shield of Deflection 520gp 15lbs Off Hand
Distance Handaxe +1 360gp 3lbs Sheathed
Amulet of Protection +1 360gp - Neck
Belt Pouch 1gp 0.5lbs
Sunrods 4gp 2lbs
TOTALS 4,485gp 70lbs

Encumbrance: 55.5lbs Normal Load: 190lbs Heavy Load: 380lbs Maximum Drag Load: 950lbs

Math Edit

Attributes Edit

Str 9 16 2 1 19 4
Con 3 13 2 0 15 2
Dex 0 10 0 0 10 0
Int 3 13 0 0 13 1
Wis 0 8 0 0 8 -1
Cha 7 15 0 1 16 3
Totals 22   9

Attacks Edit

Basic Attacks
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Basic Melee


str 004Vengeful Longsword +11Level 5 inherent312AC
Basic Ranged


str003Distance Handaxe +11Level 5 inherent311AC

Defenses Edit

DefenseAttribAttrib TypeClassRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotal
Armor Class +0/+1 dex/int 0 0 0 +12 Summoned Drakescale Armor +2; Heavy Shield of Deflection 0 3 26
Fortitude+4/+2str/con+1001Amulet of Protection +103 19
Reflex+0/+1dex/int000 +3Heavy Shield of Deflection; Amulet of Protection +103 17
Will-1/+3wis/cha+1+10 1Amulet of Protection +103 19

Senses and Reactions Edit

Senses and Reactions
Sense/ReactionAttrib modClassClass FeatureRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelOther/TrainedTotal
Initiative 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3
Passive Insight -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 12
Passive Perception -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 12

Senses: None

Health Edit

--Base ClassConPer LevelRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameOtherTotalBloodedSurge
Hit Points 12 15 5 0 0 0 52 26 13

Surges per day: 9 (7 class, +2 Con)

Speed and Movement Edit

Speed: 6

Racial Features Edit

Warforged (EPG pg. 32)

  • +2 Str, +2 Con
  • +2 Endurance, +2 Intimidate
  • Languages: Common
  • Warforged Resolve racial power
  • Warforged Mind: +1 to Will
  • Living Construct
  • Unsleeping Watcher
  • Warforged Resilience
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 6

Class Features Edit

Inspiring Warlord (PHB pg. 143)

  • +1 Fortitude, +1 Will
  • Battlefront Leader: You gain proficiency with heavy shields, and you gain the battlefront shift power.
  • Inspiring Presence: When an ally who can see you spends an action point to take an extra action, that ally also regains lost hit points equal to one-half your level + your Charisma modifier.
  • Inspiring Word: Gain inspiring word power.

Feats Edit

  • 1st: Improved Inspiration: Your Inspiring Presence restores an additional 2 hit points. (MP pg. 136)
  • 2nd: Inspired Recovery: When an ally who can see you spends an action point to gain an extra standard action, that ally can roll a saving throw as a free action, adding your Charisma modifier (+2) to the roll. (PHB pg. 198)
  • 4th: Armor Proficiency: Scale
  • 6th: Improved Inspiring Word: Add CHA mod (+3) to the hit points restored by my inspiring word

Background Edit

  • Commissioned Officer: +2 bonus to intimidate

Skills and Languages Edit

Languages: Common

SkillTrainedAttribAttrib TypeRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelTotal
Acrobatics00dex00-2Heavy Shield of Deflection31
Arcana 0 1 int 0 0 0 3 4
Athletics54str00-2Heavy Shield of Deflection310
Endurance52con20-2Heavy Shield of Deflection310
Intimidate53cha22Commissioned Officer0315
Stealth00dex00-2Heavy Shield of Deflection31
Thievery00dex00-2Heavy Shield of Deflection31

Powers Edit

Power To-Hit
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Furious Smash (PHB pg. 145) +4 Str 1 Level 5 inherent 4 Vengeful Longsword +1 0 0 3 12 Fortitude
Brash Assault (MP) +4 Str 1 Level 5 inherent 4 Vengeful Longsword +1 0 0 3 12 AC
Myrmidon Formation (MP pg. 103) +4 Str 1 Level 5 inherent 4 Vengeful Longsword +1 0 0 3 12 AC
Warlord's Strike (PHB pg. 147) +4 Str 1 Level 5 inherent 4 Vengeful Longsword +1 0 0 3 12 AC
Fearless Rescue (MP pg. 104) +5 Str + 1 1 Level 5 inherent 4 Vengeful Longsword +1 0 0 3 13 AC
Stand the Fallen (PH) +4 Str 1 Level 5 inherent 4 Vengeful Longsword +1 0 0 3 12 AC

Tracking Edit

Money Edit

+412 gp starting gold
 - 360 gp Distance Handaxe +1
 - 4 gp Sunrods
 - 1 gp Belt Pouch
 - 33 gp for Race of the Five Horns
+680 gp - cashed in the Boon of Breland
+168 gp from Race of the Five Horns
+200 gp - 1/5 lvl n magic item from 10 RP spent at level 5
+1000 gp - gold equal to lvl n magic item from 10 RP spent at level 5
+104 gp - sold Razor Light Shield
+520 gp - sold Veteran's Chainmail + 2
 -1800 gp bought Summoned Drakescale Armor +2
 -520 gp bought Heavy Shield of Deflection
 -360 gp bought Amulet of Protection +1
  6 gp remaining

Treasure Parcels Edit

  • Level 1: Parcel lvl+2
    • Razor Light Shield (AV pg. 119)
  • Level 2: Parcel lvl+3
    • Vengeful Longsword +1 (AV pg. 81)
  • Level 3: Parcel Lvl+4
    • Veteran's Chainmail +2 (AV pg. 55)
  • Level 4: Parcel lvl+1
    • Grandmaster Training: Adamant's Unshakeable Stance (Same Benefit as Spiked Soles); Awarded here
  • Level 5: Gold equal to a lvl+0 magic item
    • From 10 RP spent

XP Edit

Total XP: 8,750

Statblock for Combat Edit

[sblock=Crush actions and stats]Minor: 



[sblock=statblock][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Crush[/B][/COLOR]—Male Warforged Warlord 6
Initiative: +3, Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 12
AC: 25, Fort: 19, Reflex: 17, Will: 19 — Speed: 5
HP: 52/52, Bloodied: 26, Surge: 13, Surges left: 9/9
Action Points: 1, Second Wind: Not Used
:bmelee:Vengeful Longsword +1: +12 vs. AC, 1d8+5 dmg
:branged:Distance Handaxe +1: +11 vs. AC, 1d6+5 dmg
Powers -
[COLOR=Green]Furious Smash
Brach Assault[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Red]Warlord's Strike
Myrmidon Formation
Inspiring Word
Inspiring Word
Inspired Belligerence
Rousing Words
Warforged Resolve
Battlefront Shift[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DimGray]Fearless Rescue[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Orange]Vengeful Longsword +1 (Encounter)
Summoned Drakescale Armor +2 (At-Will)
Adamant's Unshakeable Stance (Encounter)[/COLOR]

Important Effects for Allied Characters:
* Any ally who can see Crush regains 8 HP when they spend an action point, and may roll a saving throw with a +2 bonus

Changes Edit

  • 2010/01/05: Created
  • 2010/01/15: Added Adventures and Traveling Companions Sections
  • 2010/01/20: Incorporated judge's corrections
  • 2010/02/18: Added Wish List and Statblock
  • 2011/2/11: Character Overhaul - Changed starting ability scores, Replaced Class Feature: Combat Leader with Battlefront Leader; Replaced At-Will: Wolf Pack Tactics with Brash Assault; Replaced Feat: Skill Focus with Scale Armor Proficiency
  • 2011/2/11: Leveled up to 6 - Added Stand the Fallen level 5 attack; Added Rousing Words level 6 utility; Added Improved Inspiring Word level 6 feat

Judge Comments Edit

Level 4 Edit

Approval 1 Edit

You didn't include the point cost in your attribute section, but I fixed it for you. I assume you put the 8 into dex and then raised it to a 10 with 2 pts(you start with 22).

You need to add the target and range in inspired beligerence(one enemy in burst granting CA)

You need to add the range of inspiring word.

Just some advice: You might be better off grabbing a couple heavy thrown weapons(like javelins), instead of the hand crossbow. You have a higher hit rate and better damage too.

  • pacdidj: Changes made. Thanks for the tip on heavy thrown. Switched the crossbow to a handaxe instead.

Approval from EvolutionKB

Approval 2Edit

Approval from renau1g

  • One more thing I noticed on Vengeful weapon - please add "with this weapon" after the "on damage rolls" (from errata)

Status Edit

Status: Approved as 4th level character with 3751 xp by EvolutionKB and [[User:renau1g|renau1g]

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