Description Edit

Brews is the mater brewer and proprietor of the Tower's Shard, a popular tavern in the Clifftop district of Sharn . He is a solidly built warforged, but rarely needs to raise his voice in his establishment.

Conventional wisdom indicates that Brews inherited the Tower's Shard from his former master, a rich adventurer; the identify of said adventurer, however, changes from telling to telling. What is known is that Brews is friends with several retired and active adventurers in Sharn and beyond due to their start in his establishment.

Brews is friendly (especially for a warforged), and an accomplished listener. Both are good traits for someone in his profession.

Statistics Edit

Brews should not ever require statistics as he runs the non-PvE/PvP tavern. It is unknown how much experience Brews had during the Last War, but he's probably at least fairly accomplished.

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