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Living Eberron (abbreviated LEB) is ENWorld's community Eberron-based play-by-post campaign where a large number of characters can interact with different players, adventures, and stories. Multiple adventures run simultaneously with their own DM and players. What happens in one adventure can directly affect another adventure, and what happens in all of the adventures affects what is happening in the world. Players and DMs are rewarded for their continued play, and game judges exist to ensure a fair and seamless experience.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Living Eberron is a dynamic campaign set in the noir-pulp evironment of Eberron. Players scheme against rival arcane houses, travel to fantastic locales, and engage in heart-pounding action. Eberron has its own campaign flavor; for an overview, see Ten Important Facts about Eberron.

Members of LEB can partake as players or DMs (or both). Players should start by creating a character, getting approved, and then start roleplaying in LEB's player's tavern while awaiting an adventure. Members interested in running a game should propose a new adventure; once approved, DMs may recruit players from the tavern and embark!

To start playing or to see what LEB is all about, please visit our forum, join our social group, or go directly to our important threads:

Player's Guide[edit | edit source]

Main article: LEB:Player's Guide

For players, LEB's Player's Guide details character creation, house rules, and other useful information. It also covers player rewards, how to make proposals and who to contact with questions.

Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

Main article: LEB:Campaign Guide

For current and potential DM's, LEB's Campaign Guide details the process for creating an adventure and other details for adventure running in LEB. It also describes DM rewards, judge duties and other administrivia matters.

Nothing in the Campaign Guide is sensitive or off-limits to players; players interested in becoming LEB DMs are encouraged to read it!

Setting[edit | edit source]

Main article: LEB:Setting

LEB's Eberron is an ever-changing place. While the initial campaign assumptions are those provided in the Eberron core books (the Eberron Player's Guide and the Eberron Campaign Guide), each new character and adventure adds new detail to the setting, forming a varied history of adventuring careers. Adventures may build upon each other, and character interactions can have a large impact on the setting. The Setting Guide details the living history of LEB's Eberron.

Additional information about Eberron may be found on the Eberron Wiki , though information on this Wiki and mentioned in game takes precedence over that source.

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